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Robert really likes the e-C4, its ‘supremely satisfactory’, but he’s struggling to rave about it. It’s a really nice compact SUV, good to drive, decent range and packed full of lovely features. But are they all needed? As with other EVs, when compared with their petrol/diesel counterparts, could they be stripped down of some of these add-ons to bring the price down to being more affordable? Does anyone really need their back massaged while driving?

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0:00 Touch & drive!
1:14 Simple start
1:56 100% honest
2:28 Young people required
2:43 Shut up!
3:11 She’s back
3:49 Back to review
4:40 Nicely appointed
4:57 Lovely features
5:38 Super adequate
6:08 Really nice interior
6:32 Roomy back
7:05 Heavy on the head
7:17 Plenty of power
8:00 Easy charging
8:51 Generous boot
9:14 Plain sailing
9:30 Button massage?
10:20 All the extras
11:09 Mini pricing rant
12:23 Under the bonnet
13:35 Reversing camera
14:09 Features run through
15:41 Sunroof!
15:53 Supremely satisfactory
16:27 Subscribe, support, join

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