2022 VW ID.4, GM and California make up, tough targets for EV cost and range: Today’s Car News

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Volkswagen will boost ID.4 range a bit for 2022. A study suggests that Americans are holding out for a 500-mile EV that costs essentially the same as gasoline model. And California and GM make up. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

General Motors, which formerly sided with the Trump administration in the effort to strip California of its vehicle emissions rulemaking authority—including stricter targets for electric vehicles—has sent the state a letter stating that it’s “committed to complying with California’s regulators.” It ends a more than two-year boycott of GM from state vehicle fleet purchases. 

Study results from Deloitte suggest that the mass-market tipping point for electric vehicles could be farther off than others indicate. Americans have a lack of interest in EVs due to both cost and range concerns, it found, with just 4% actively planning to make an EV their next car. 

Volkswagen has re-upped its ID.4 electric SUV for a second model year. The 2022 VW ID.4 gets more range, speedier fast-charging, Plug and Charge compatibility, and an auto-hold feature—with at least the last two items coming in an over-the-air update. There’s a $765 price hike, however.

And over at Motor Authority: Take a look at the latest photos that hint at how the Hyundai Prophecy concept is evolving into the Ioniq 6 sedan.


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